Infogelap – Gambling Review Site

Infogelap – Gambling Review Site

We are pleased that which one of Indonesia famous Gambling Review Site contacting us this week and decided to use our PBN services. As one of most successful gambling review website at Indonesia. Infogelap database already reach 244 Indonesia Gambling site during this article is written by w88hot admin.

244 Indonesia Gambling Site

244 Gambling Site database is a huge list. Infogelap have divided that huge list into 3 category Cash Market Site, Poker Site and Lottery Site.  You can find top 5 Indonesia Featured Gambling Site in their homepage which currently occupied by

  1. M88
  2. W88
  3. V88
  4. 1xbetid
  5. Nextbet

M88 and W88 is the two top listed Gambling site. That is undoubted since last few years they have more than a million players from Indonesia. That two website also have biggest market share in other South East Asia Country

Scamming Site – Gambling Site Review

On this part, infogelap have provided Scam List Category, during interview with their Admin, he said “Infogelap is try to work the best to help their member from avoid from scamming website, but it’s need coordination from yours. Some of our member have reported the scamming website, but we are unable to contact them back again since they put the fake email. We need do the verification first before put the website inside the scam list since we have responsibility to that gambling site reputation also”

For those who want to report the scam website, please feel free to fill the request form that you can find on infogelap website.

Advertising at Infogelap

That’s the common thing for all blog website, they will need advertisement fund to keep their server run. Infogelap have promised their reader that they will keep advertisement on their website as simple as they can. They understand that advertisement is a huge pain for reader during accessing their website, but please bear with them since they need those fund to keep the website run.

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